One Piece Episode 953 Eng Sub

One Piece Episode 953 Eng Sub

One Piece Episode 953 Eng Sub

One Piece Episode 953 Eng Sub There are many interesting things that appeared in chapter 997 yesterday. Some of them are we see that Black Maria’s men are spider Zoan, who trapped Sanji on the 3rd floor. Then we see Zoro who finally got serious and started to use his abilities in this fight, and how Luffy finally managed to climb to the 4th floor of Kaido’s palace.

However, what is most interesting about chapter 997 is the possibility of the first clue of Kaido’s true strength. Yamato said that Kaido raised Onigashima Island using a cloud of fire – the same power that allowed him to fly as a dragon. This made all the characters who were there surprised by the incident.

One Piece Episode 953 Eng Sub What is also no less interesting is how Yamato calls “Dragons” or dragons like a race – like a giant tribe. This has raised a theory that once emerged among fans, that Kaido is not actually a human. From the start, Kaido was a dragon. There are several different variations on this theory.

First, there is a mention that Kaido was originally a dragon who then ate the Zoan devil fruit. However, not the Mythical Zoan as previously informed, but the fruit of Hito Hito like Chopper. And another theory states that from the start Kaido was a dragon and never ate any Mythical Zoan devil fruit because he had become a dragon.

One Piece Episode 953 Eng Sub The only dragon fruit that Oda sensei showed to fans was dragon fruit which was an artificial devil fruit made by Vegapunk which was eaten by Momonosuke in Punk Hazard. His devil fruit makes Momonosuke have a dragon form similar to the shape of Kaido’s dragon. Every time Kaido appears in the manga, there is actually never a specific mention that Kaido is a mythical Zoan user.

We know that Punk Hazard was once a place belonging to the World Government to carry out various dangerous experiments, conduct research, or even be a place to detain and torture pirates whom they managed to catch in secret. And we also know that Kaido was once captured by the navy, tortured, and executed. However, all those attempts never succeeded in killing Kaido.

One Piece Episode 953 Eng Sub Although there is still no confirmation, there is speculation that Vegapunk created an artificial dragon devil fruit using the lineage factor aka DNA, something he has been doing for a long time in his research with Vinsmoke Judge. Vegapunk likely extracted Kaido’s DNA, which later became the basis for the creation of the SMILE devil fruit that Momonosuke ate.

Maybe, in the next chapter – or the special in chapter 1000 later – we will see the fact that dragons / dragons are indeed a race in One Piece, just like a giant tribe. And Kaido was actually not a human from the start but a dragon. That then became the reason for Kaido why he got the nickname “the most powerful creature that ever existed”. Not “the strongest human ever” like Whitebeard, because Kaido was not human from the start.


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